A New Age of athletes and creators is upon us. Led by the desire to excel above what is considered normal, Team New Age is transcending the world of conventional esports.

Founded in 2020 by a partnership of passionate individuals, Team New Age seeks to recruit those with exceptional potential in their respective trade. Our goal is simple: to assemble a team of extraordinary individuals and shock the world.

Welcome to the New Age.

The Operation

The people behind the scenes of Team New Age.

Team New Age Owner Aaron

Aaron Kirshenberg

Co-founder | CEO

Born and raised in Manhattan, NY, Aaron has spent most of his life in the Big Apple. He went to Trinity College where he obtained a BS in Environmental Science . He recently left his role as an Analyst at a Private Equity firm in NYC to work on Team New Age. Aaron has always been a gamer, beginning with the PlayStation 1 and playing FIFA 2002. He eventually discovered first-person shooters and spent most of his teenage years playing Call of Duty. Outside of gaming he is a huge Liverpool FC fan and has played soccer his whole life.

Team New Age Owner Joaquin

Joaquin Delmar

Co-founder | CFO

Born in Manhattan, NY, Joaquin grew up in the suburbs of NYC. He went to Swarthmore College where he pursued an Economics major with a History minor. He now works for an investment bank as an analyst in FIG Corporate Banking. Joaquin has always been an avid sports fan – he played soccer his whole life. Joaquin initially got into gaming as a kid playing Pokémon on the Nintendo DS, eventually moving on to games on Xbox such as GTA and FIFA. Now, he mostly games on Fortnite and Civ V. 

Team New Age Owner Shin

Shin Mitsuno

Co-founder | CTO

Shin was born in Tokyo, Japan, but at a young age moved to Manhattan, NY. He is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland College Park, where he studied Computer science and Economics. Shin has played video games his whole life, growing up with Nintendo games. He was an avid player of Call of Duty Zombies, and moved on to play FIFA and Fortnite. Shin’s main responsibilities include maintenance of the team’s website, along with the automation/optimization of day-to-day tasks.